America is currently in a holding pattern to wait to see how the mainstream media (MSM) will next spin the march of a group of White Supremacists in Charlottesville, VA to be a rally President Trump wished he could attend.

CNN is having a week-long wet dream following the violence in Charlottesville, using the opportunity to call President Trump immoral, tying Tweets and interviews from David Duke to Trump as if that means they’re friends (Trump has publicly called Duke a racist and a bigot BTW), and CNN goes on to say that Trump has refused to condemn white supremacists and that his presidency is a failure.


Even the late-night comedians got on board the Racist Trump Train. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers and Steven Colbert all took time to politicize the violence of Charlottesville while trying their best to parade their political posturing as if it were firmly rooted in principle.

But is it?

The Daily Wire has published an article that claims the man who organized the White Supremacists rally in Charlottesville also helped organize the Occupy Wall Street movement in his area and was a strong supporter of Barack Obama.

But violent people supporting leftist causes is nothing new so it was another part that raised an eyebrow:

After his “red-pilling” — a reference to the Matrix popular among the alt-right — Kessler began to become increasingly active in the “white nationalist scene” in Charlottesville and online. Kessler, a UVA graduate (2009), began to really make a name for himself in the area through his opposition to Charlottesville Vice Mayor and City Councilman Wes Bellamy, which SPLC notes was the city’s “only black councilman.”

Kessler’s campaign against Bellamy, who had organized a press conference calling for the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue that was at the center of the “Unite the Right” rally, resulted in the unearthing of what SPLC describes as “sexist, homophobic, and bigoted tweets” by the councilman, a publicity win for Kessler. He then launched a petition demanding that Bellamy step down, a petition which was ultimately tossed out — but not before Kessler punched a guy in the face while trying to get signatures, an action that got him arrested with misdemeanor assault.

Wes Bellamy is still a member of the city council and the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, VA.

So what got Wes in trouble in 2009?


Particularly tweets about his dislike for white people and “Faggots” (his word. Not mine.)

Here’s a few vulgar examples courtesy of the fine people at The Cavalier Daily

In an October 2011 tweet, Bellamy answered a question prompted by another user, “Does it make males uncomfortable wen girls are so upfront about sex??” with “It only makes faggots uncomfortable …”

“I DONT LIK WHIT PEOPLE SO I HATE WHITE SNOW!!!!! FML!!!!” he tweeted in Dec. 2009.

Another one of Bellamy’s tweets from October 2011 commented, “word…” on a tweet describing sexual assault.

“Word…RT: TAXSTONE: Eat it while she asleep if she moan it aint rape,” the retweet read.

Bellamy isn’t just a racist misogynist homophobe, he also works as a mentor with 100 Black Men of America, a group dedicating to helping young, black boys learn how to grow up to not be like Wes Bellamy. Ironic.

President Trump has been crucified for saying both sides in Charlottesville were violent. And despite the fact that the same group represented in Charlottesville once executed five Dallas Police Officers during its protest and threw molotov cocktails at law enforcement in Ferguson, MO, the media and its friends in late night television are speechless that President Trump would choose to universally condemn violence rather than specifically violence committed by white people.

The media is outraged that a group of white supremacists brought their beliefs to Charlottesville, but the media is silent on the fact that Charlottesville is being governed in part by a man as openly racist, bigoted and hateful as the very people marching in his streets. A man elected by the people DESPITE his known racism and hatred.

Here is the media’s opportunity to prove that it stands on principle and will work to abolish racism and hate wherever and in whatever form it may be, and despite the color of the racist’s skin. Furthermore, before anyone else from Charlottesville gets on TV to tell me how racism isn’t what Charlottesville is all about, maybe they can take a moment to highlight their days of furious opposition to Mr. Bellamy. Maybe.

Here’s to hoping it happens. Don’t hold your breath.