CNN’s Don Lemon interviewed Ami Horowitz about his short documentary regarding the rising rape culture of Sweden due to the massive influx of Muslims. The full video is below, but the take away is that Don Lemon says,

“So, the president sees your interview, uh, which means you influenced him, um, the President of the United States spread which [sic] really amounts to false information, right? How do you feel about being part of that?”

If you watch the entire clip you will find that Mr. Horowitz does a fantastic job of dismantling Mr. Lemon’s argument despite Mr. Lemon’s multiple attempts to stifle the facts.

However, in case that’s not enough, the numbers that Lemon is citing have now been declared inaccurate by Ylva Johansson, the ¬†Integration Minister for Sweden.


“I base my answers in the interview on the information I had then – that reports on rapes decreased in 2015. It was wrong of me to talk about a development based on one year.The preliminary figures for 2016 show, unfortunately, on the increase again. It is obviously important to get it correct. “

We are awaiting word on Mr. Lemon’s sincere apology to Mr. Horowitz for spreading fake news about him spreading fake news.