This story out of Idaho was news to us on multiple levels. Mainly, we would never have thought that the USDA is planting cyanide bombs around American neighborhoods and NOT warning the residents about them. All in an effort to kill nuisance animals like foxes and coyotes. But they are and it nearly killed a boy and it did kill the boy’s dog.

We caught major flack for our post on Facebook about this story, with lots of nay-sayers using lots of bad words to call us liars. But multiple sources have confirmed that this is a real story and the USDA M-44 Device is a real thing.


As was their routine, 14-year-old Canyon Mansfield and his dog raced through the backyard of his Idaho home and up the top of a nearby hill to play. Minutes later, Canyon was knocked to the ground after a cyanide bomb set by the U.S. government detonated some 350 yards from the family’s doorstep.

Canyon watched as his 3-year-old golden Labrador, Casey, lay dying, suffocating from orange-colored cyanide sprayed by an M-44 device no one had told Canyon’s family about.

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Mansfield’s home on Thursday with a bomb squad to investigate the incident. The family was immediately sent to a local emergency room to be screened for cyanide exposure.

The government claims the devices are not capable of killing a child. But Idaho authorities do not agree in the case of Canyon Mansfield, who weighs only 20 pounds more than his 80-pound dog.