The NRA-ILA has a concerning but expected article on the happenings inside of the American Bar Association’s Annual Meeting.

Over the years, the American Bar Association has defended the due process rights of some very unpopular groups, including, enemy combatantsterror suspects, and convicts on death row. The organization also advocates that stringent due process standards be applied to the disposition of positive rights, such as “universal access to healthcare,” and welfare benefits. Such advocacy might give some the false impression that the ABA holds a principled position on due process rights in general. When it comes to the due process rights of gun owners, however, the ABA has abandoned any pretense of principle and adopted the prevailing left-wing orthodoxy.

At the 2017 ABA Annual Meeting, held August 10-13, the ABA House of Delegates adopted Resolution 118B, which “urges state, local, territorial, and tribal governments to enact statutes, rules, or regulations authorizing courts to issue gun violence restraining orders.” Gun violence restraining orders force a gun owner to surrender their firearms to law enforcement, or authorize law enforcement to seize said firearms, absent a disqualifying criminal conviction. NRA has opposed such legislation where introduced because such orders diminish the due process afforded an individual before they are stripped of their Second Amendment rights, and because of these orders’ obvious potential for abuse.

Despite the fact that confiscation of firearms has historically been used to oppress minorities, the ABA still believes it to be a good idea. It’s worth mentioning that this is the same ABA that Breitbart reports as currently trying to “admit illegal aliens to the bar, and another to make courthouses off limits to federal law enforcement so that illegal alien lawyers can feel free to practice law anywhere in the country without risk of deportation.”

It is extremely troubling that the body representing those who are employed to protect the law in America is advocating for a complete upheaval and abolishment of the American legal system. It is obvious that the ABA only cares to infringe on the right of those with whom they disagree which is quite ironic considering the current cries of fascism we continue to hear from the left.

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In Episode #39 I make the point that what we’ve learned from Charlottesville is that people are sometimes willing to allow their principles to be manipulated and shifted as long as they like the person violating the principle. The media is culpable in the violence of Charlottesville as is the explicit and vulgar racism of Charlottesville’s Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy. 

One of the stories I share in FR#39 is how I once received a lot of grief over a few blog posts related to a guy named Trey Pennington.

Since it takes up a major portion of the podcast, I thought it would help, for the sake of clarity, if I posted the relevant material here. This is not in hopes of digging up bones or gouging old wounds, but I do hope it serves as an example of how the media (and people in general) will bend their beliefs if it means it advances a cause, helps a friend, or helps push their own agenda.


Dave Matthews has a song called Big Eyed Fish that has the line, “…under the wight of life, things seem brighter on the other side.”

I guess that could be true, but I’ve always been a fan of “It’s better than the alternative” being someone’s response when asked how life is going.

Suicide is a tricky subject because it is so subjective. Different people find different reason to make the conscious decision to end their life, but it has been my experience that it is usually a selfish decision aimed at harming a specific target that is never the same target that meets the bullet.

Bitterness is like taking a poison and hoping its effects render your enemy extinct. And that’s true with suicide as well.

I don’t believe in bad-mouthing the dead because I know they have now faced their final judgement before God, but in the same vein I do not believe in celebrating someone simply because of their public facade, and I am outraged at the disingenuous accolades being showered on a man in Greenville, SC.

Trey Pennington showed up at his wife’s church this weekend with a loaded gun, and by all accounts intent on inflicting damage to the innocent. Fortunately, authorities intervened and the only life lost that day was the life of the bad guy.

WYFF has this story.

GREENVILLE, S.C.– The ripple effect of social media leader Trey Pennington’s death has touched friends and family in the Upstate, as well as the online community here and around the world. 

Pennington, 46, died Sunday morning under a big oak tree near the parking lot of Second Presbyterian Church on River Street in Greenville. Police said that officers went to the church after a report of a man with a gun. 

The officers said they asked Pennington several times to put down the gun, but he turned the weapon on himself and fired once. 

Richard Phillips, senior minister at Second Presbyterian, said that Pennington shot himself in the stomach. Phillips was not present when the shot was fired, but some parishioners witnessed the shooting. 

Phillips said, “Our friend Trey died with Christians who knew and loved him, literally reaching out to him — literally pleading with him to turn to the Lord and to choose another path. While it’s shocking and terrifying in its own way, I can see how it came together for him. But ultimately we don’t know.” 

He said that Pennington was not supposed to be at the church. 

“There was a restraining order with respect to his family, which is why he couldn’t be here,” Phillips said. 

Friends said that Pennington was going through a difficult divorce. A memorial service for Trey Pennington is set for 11 a.m. Tuesday at Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville. Burial will be Thursday in Pensacola, Fla. 

A candlelight memorial is planned for 7:30 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at Liberty Bridge/Falls Park in Greenville. Trey often wrote about how much he loved that bridge. 

The Out of the Darkness Walk, a walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, will be held Oct. 9 at Cleveland Park in Spartanburg. A team called “Trey’s Light” will participate in that walk.

My heart breaks for his six children and his wife who is now left alone to care for them, and my cynicism takes strong note that they have been completely ignored in the three memorials/donation causes listed.

Trey Pennington did not kill himself because his life was at a low point and he was hoping to find a final solution. Trey consciously calculated a way to inflict the most damage possible. He could have easily driven himself to Caeser’s Head or Pretty Place and in less than five steps thrown himself quietly into eternity. But that didn’t work for Trey because he didn’t care about his problems as much as he cared about revenge and attention. He wanted his wife to witness the carnage, and in so doing he may have subjected his own children to the most horrific of scenarios. Who knows if one of his kids, fighting to get close enough to talk sense to him, witnessed Trey’s final attempt at the fame he so desperately craved?

And knowing that his wife was filing for divorce (he was known to have cheated on her) we can fairly assume that Trey killed himself to avoid having to pay to support his six kids.

Trey had a court-ordered restraining order against him going to that church because of a prior incident. So in stepping foot on their property, Trey became a criminal. In using a gun during the commission of a crime, Trey became a felon. In having his six children worried for their lives inside of their own church while their father wielded a gun outside looking to inflict the most damage possible Trey became a monster.

Trey Pennington made a conscious and calculated decision to end his life while using his final moments to terrorize his own children, and you want me to carry a candle for him? No thanks.


I am adding more thoughts on this Trey Pennington fiasco because I refuse to allow a news outlet like WYFF to be so willingly blind to the facts in this case.

I would not be outraged if Trey had decided to die in peace, but as we know, Trey decided to inflict an agonizing torment on his own children while on his way out. That’s a selfish and evil move by a vile personality with nothing left to contribute to the world.

Regardless of what WYFF may tell you, Trey Pennington is not a victim.

I am outraged and appalled that the community would dare show deference for this guy in any way, while completely ignoring the needs of the six children he left behind. I’m angered more when I consider that the abandonment of his children is exactly what Trey wanted.

He was in no way great. He was, however, the culprit of terror and responsible for the lifetime of anguish and grief his children will now suffer.

My full take on this is posted here, but I want to add a few thoughts since WYFF made this note on their article:

Because of the public nature of Trey Pennington’s career as a leader in the social media community, is making an exception to its general policy in order to cover Pennington’s untimely death.

So because Trey was cool on Facebook we give him only positive attention when he died during the commission of a felony? Unstinkingbelievable.

He may have been good with Twitter, but he cheated on his wife and abandoned his children. Far from “great” by any standard, I would think.

Why would WYFF choose to only acknowledge positive aspects of an obviously complex and tormented man?

Why not interview the husbands of the women he was promiscuous with?

Why not give us the details of why there was a restraining order?

According to South Carolina law:

A restraining order or protective order is a legal order issued by a state court which requires one person to stop harming another.

So Trey, according to the law, was harming his wife to such a degree that they told him to stay away.


“…some parishioners witnessed the shooting”

You know his kids were in that group, right? He certainly knew, and he chose to act the way he did.

WYFF has an obligation to provide facts and clarity to the community. In this instance it has failed to do so.

To gloss over the facts and make a stated exception to policy in order to call him a “great” man is to belittle the meaning of greatness and at the same time serves only to demean your own reputation as a news agency.

A great man would toughen up through the hard times and do what he could to provide for his family.

A great man stays faithful to his wife.

A great man does not seek the easy way out.

A great man sets the standard for his children.

A great man is the same outside and in.

A great man admits fault and tries to be better.

A great man does not need friends to speak on his behalf as to why he became a monster.

It’s an interesting divide between what once was great and what is now considered greatness.

Every article and blurb I have read has noted Trey’s amount of Twitter followers as a reference to his greatness.

Trey had 111,517 followers. This, apparently, makes him a great person.

Kanye West has 4,256,515.

Barack Obama has 9,961,811.

Hugo Chavez has 2,036,870.

Joy Behar has 517,143.

Planned Parenthood has 28,893.

Even the racist radical Margaret Sanger who has been dead for years has mustered 32 followers.

Get the point?

Trey may have seemed cool and gracious to some, but what he really was inside is what we saw play out on Sunday. He was the lunatic who brought a gun to a church and attempted to wreak havoc on the innocent, including his own children. Is a great man capable of such? I think not.


America is currently in a holding pattern to wait to see how the mainstream media (MSM) will next spin the march of a group of White Supremacists in Charlottesville, VA to be a rally President Trump wished he could attend.

CNN is having a week-long wet dream following the violence in Charlottesville, using the opportunity to call President Trump immoral, tying Tweets and interviews from David Duke to Trump as if that means they’re friends (Trump has publicly called Duke a racist and a bigot BTW), and CNN goes on to say that Trump has refused to condemn white supremacists and that his presidency is a failure.


Even the late-night comedians got on board the Racist Trump Train. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers and Steven Colbert all took time to politicize the violence of Charlottesville while trying their best to parade their political posturing as if it were firmly rooted in principle.

But is it?

The Daily Wire has published an article that claims the man who organized the White Supremacists rally in Charlottesville also helped organize the Occupy Wall Street movement in his area and was a strong supporter of Barack Obama.

But violent people supporting leftist causes is nothing new so it was another part that raised an eyebrow:

After his “red-pilling” — a reference to the Matrix popular among the alt-right — Kessler began to become increasingly active in the “white nationalist scene” in Charlottesville and online. Kessler, a UVA graduate (2009), began to really make a name for himself in the area through his opposition to Charlottesville Vice Mayor and City Councilman Wes Bellamy, which SPLC notes was the city’s “only black councilman.”

Kessler’s campaign against Bellamy, who had organized a press conference calling for the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue that was at the center of the “Unite the Right” rally, resulted in the unearthing of what SPLC describes as “sexist, homophobic, and bigoted tweets” by the councilman, a publicity win for Kessler. He then launched a petition demanding that Bellamy step down, a petition which was ultimately tossed out — but not before Kessler punched a guy in the face while trying to get signatures, an action that got him arrested with misdemeanor assault.

Wes Bellamy is still a member of the city council and the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, VA.

So what got Wes in trouble in 2009?


Particularly tweets about his dislike for white people and “Faggots” (his word. Not mine.)

Here’s a few vulgar examples courtesy of the fine people at The Cavalier Daily

In an October 2011 tweet, Bellamy answered a question prompted by another user, “Does it make males uncomfortable wen girls are so upfront about sex??” with “It only makes faggots uncomfortable …”

“I DONT LIK WHIT PEOPLE SO I HATE WHITE SNOW!!!!! FML!!!!” he tweeted in Dec. 2009.

Another one of Bellamy’s tweets from October 2011 commented, “word…” on a tweet describing sexual assault.

“Word…RT: TAXSTONE: Eat it while she asleep if she moan it aint rape,” the retweet read.

Bellamy isn’t just a racist misogynist homophobe, he also works as a mentor with 100 Black Men of America, a group dedicating to helping young, black boys learn how to grow up to not be like Wes Bellamy. Ironic.

President Trump has been crucified for saying both sides in Charlottesville were violent. And despite the fact that the same group represented in Charlottesville once executed five Dallas Police Officers during its protest and threw molotov cocktails at law enforcement in Ferguson, MO, the media and its friends in late night television are speechless that President Trump would choose to universally condemn violence rather than specifically violence committed by white people.

The media is outraged that a group of white supremacists brought their beliefs to Charlottesville, but the media is silent on the fact that Charlottesville is being governed in part by a man as openly racist, bigoted and hateful as the very people marching in his streets. A man elected by the people DESPITE his known racism and hatred.

Here is the media’s opportunity to prove that it stands on principle and will work to abolish racism and hate wherever and in whatever form it may be, and despite the color of the racist’s skin. Furthermore, before anyone else from Charlottesville gets on TV to tell me how racism isn’t what Charlottesville is all about, maybe they can take a moment to highlight their days of furious opposition to Mr. Bellamy. Maybe.

Here’s to hoping it happens. Don’t hold your breath.


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You may be surprised by a few other highlights on his resume.

Our entire conversation with him is posted below, and don’t forget that we post every episode to YouTube! Hopefully that gives you one more place to access the show each week (maybe even from the cubicle at work).

Felt Recoil Podcast episode #37 – Our Conversation With Larry Vickers


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It will be hard to avoid opinions this week as we witnessed the madness of the current American political climate reach its climax in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend.

According to The Daily Signal:

One person is dead and nine are injured after a vehicle plowed through a group of people Saturday near a demonstration by self-proclaimed white nationalists who were met by counterprotesters.
Police later announced a total of 35 rally-related injuries and the names of two Virginia State Police officers killed when their helicopter went down just outside the city.
The car incident, reportedly involving a silver or gray Dodge Charger, occurred in the early afternoon during clashes involving white supremacists and members of Black Lives Matter, the self-described anti-fascist organization Antifa, and other groups.

Is it possible to find yourself stuck in the middle on this one?

Yes. Of course. Although you wouldn’t think so if you listened to the news or the current feed on whatever the social media du jour is.

What we see on the news and social media right now is a lot of people blaming Trump, a lot of people blaming conservatives and a lot of people who believe there is some sort of political capital to be earned by pretending this madness proves what they’ve predicted all along: that this violence is the culmination of the racist hatred that MUST accompany the slightest bit of support for President Trump.

That stance relies heavily on opinion and assumptions. What happens when you examine only the facts?

Some facts are unclear at this point, but here’s what we know for sure:

1.) A group of white supremacists marched in Charlottesville to protest the removal of a Confederate monument.

2.) A group of black nationalists met the white supremacists in the street.

3.) Both of the aforementioned groups were looking for a fight. (Look to Ferguson and Baltimore for proof).

4.) At least one person died when a man from Ohio drove his car through a group of protestors.

There is no support in this blog for the “Alt-right”, AntiFa or Black Lives Matter. You cannot decry racism and embrace any ideology that believes one race merits respect more than others, and you cannot decry violence and then march in lock-step with groups that have literally set fire to entire cities.

The white supremacists are as moronic as the AntiFA crowd and the Black Lives Matter hooligans. They are all the same. They blindly hate people purely because they look different.

In Charlottesville the BLM crowd chanted at police that they were no different than the KKK.


Many of a defiant crowd were angered, most BLM advocates with some shouting “you protect the Klan, but you don’t protect us”.  Others shouted the police and the Klan were the same thing.

An intriguing stance considering this photo from Charlottesville


A black officer offers protection to the KKK during protests in Charlottesville, VA.

This picture does hurt.

It hurts as bad as this picture of Colin Kaepernick kneeling behind US soldiers during the National Anthem.


Colin Kaepernick kneels behind US servicemen during the National Anthem.

It hurts as much as watching video of Reginald Denny have his face smashed rearward with a brick just because he was a white man in a black neighborhood.

It hurts as much as seeing black officers berated by black people simply because they chose a profession that enforces the law; a profession that is for some reason highly despised by certain members of the black community. You know what group of largely white men also hates the police? AntiFa and Occupy Wall Street.

It’s an interesting time in America. Frightening, really.

It becomes clear how being unwilling to take a side in the Civil War may have played out. If this were to turn to a war, what side could you possibly take?

Do you oppose the KKK? Of course. Do you oppose AntiFa and BLM? Yes, just as much.

Well, that puts you smack in the middle of this debacle.

But can we be surprised that things are boiling over when the culture that denounces “white privilege” runs headfirst into the culture that believes “white privilege” is ordained by Providence? Not really.

So, for those of us in the middle, those who do not believe white privilege is an actual thing, those of us who believe people are to be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, what is there for us to do?

First, remember that social media is an impenetrable bubble. Nobody goes to Facebook for an honest dialogue; they go to have their presumptions and pre-conceived notions reaffirmed. You won’t change any minds on Facebook, but those opposed to your opinion will certainly try to twist your words to support their cause. It’s best to just ignore them. Social media changes nothing. It’s important to remember that people use social media to prop up their own narcissistic worldview where everything they say matters and where everyone they know is waiting with baited breathe to hear every though they think.

Second, turn off the news. The news only cares to be first; it does not care to be accurate, ethical or unbiased. There is a paycheck behind every block of news which means every story you hear and every word that gets read off the teleprompter is done only in conjunction with the newest sponsor’s approval. Do not get roped into thinking they are looking out for you. They don’t care about you. They care about keeping the lights on. That’s it.

The final step is to step outside. Talk to your neighbors, talk to your co-workers and get face to face with real people who have real experiences and use those opportunities to understand that ultimately we are all in this for the same thing: a peaceful, prosperous existence that is hopefully littered with too many beach vacations (no such thing) and very little conflict.

Be nice. Be patient. Be willing to listen. And as Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Good luck.


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